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May 14, 2021

Book Reviewer Spotlight Series: Averie Allwein

A warm welcome to Book Reviewer Averie Allwein! Averie, tell us a bit about yourself.
Averie: Howdy! I am primarily a book reviewer on YouTube! I started my channel almost four years ago, and it has become my second passion in life (second to reading of course!). I have loved reading for as long as I can remember and honestly cannot read a book unless it has some kind of romance in it. I guess you could say that I am a sucker for love stories!

CM: Share a fun fact about you. 
Averie: I love anything crafty! Examples would be bracelet making, crocheting, puzzles, and even diamond painting! I love to do a craft when I listen to audiobooks or when I am watching a movie/tv show.

CM: How many books do you read per year? 
Averie: The number has changed throughout the years! I read more and more every year. Two years ago, it was around 150, and last year it was over 200. So far this year, I am already pretty close to 100!

: Over 200 books in a year–consider us impressed! Any tips to booktubers looking to increase their audience?
Averie: Engage in the community! There are so many discord groups filled with booktubers and booktube watchers. People can make fast friends and audiences that way. You can also make friends and develop an audience by constantly commenting on other booktubers videos and engaging in the community as a whole.

CM: Who are some of the rising stars in romance that we should keep an eye on? 
Averie: Indie authors! I feel like those who are just getting into the romance genre mainly buy or see books that you see traditionally published at a bookstore. But there are so many books that are published independently, and I feel like those books are finally being recognized.
  • Here are some of my favorite indie-published authors:
    • Emma Hamm (Fantasy Romance)
    • Grace Draven (Fantasy Romance)
    • Emma Scott (Contemporary Romance)
    • Ruby Dixon (Sci-fi Romance)

CM: Thanks for the recommendations! Can you share some of your book statistics?
Averie: So far this year, I have read 80 books.
  • 7 DNF books
  • 0 1-stars
  • 0 2-stars
  • 2 2.5-stars
  • 12 3-stars
  • 6 3.5-stars
  • 3 3.75-stars
  • 33 4-stars
  • 5 4.5-stars
  • 12 5-stars

CM: What websites/platforms do you use to showcase your reviews? 
Averie: I mainly use my YouTube channel and Goodreads for book reviews! I will
also occasionally post a book review on Instagram.

CM: Name a book you recently read and can’t stop thinking about. 
Averie: That would definitely be my favorite book of the year: Act Your Age Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert! This is the third book in the Brown Sisters series, which is a romance series I adore. The series is full of diversity, love, and fun times! This book specifically has autism and plus-size representation. It would also be considered a grumpy-sunshine romance, which is one of my all-time favorite tropes!

CM: How do you select books? Do you accept unsolicited requests to read someone’s work?
Averie: I am mostly a mood reader! Whenever I feel like picking up a certain book, I’ll just read it! It is mostly based on what sub-genre of romance I am feeling at the time. I sometimes accept unsolicited requests. But only by authors who do not need a review by a specific date. Like I said before, I am a mood reader. If I have to read a book that I am not in the mood for, I probably will not give it that high of a rating. If an author did have a read by date for me, I would only accept if I was a long period of time (longer than two months) before I have to finish it.


Reading List

Genres/sub-genres you’re looking for:
  • All sub-genres of romance
What you’re not interested in:
  • Roadtrip, rockstar, or scary romance


Do you accept unsolicited review requests? Yes (sometimes)

How can authors/publishers contact you? Authors can reach me by email: