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Jun 7, 2021

A Writer’s Consideration of Compound Words

By Sonia Easley. 

The flux of English compound words, whether open, closed, or hyphenated, suggests a dynamic interplay between culture and language. When working with compounds, you will come to appreciate the communication evolution.

Let’s begin this consideration of compounds with a few definitions:
A compound forms by combining two or more factors.
A compound word combines two or more words to set up a new meaning.
            - Examples are yard sale, railway, and father-in-law.
An open compound word is two or more words with spaces between them.
    - Examples are cell phone, jumping jack, and hand towel.
A closed compound word is two or more words without spaces.
    - Examples are afternoon, wildcat, and football.
A hyphenated compound word is two or more words with hyphens between them.
    - Examples are king-size, clean-cut, and follow-up.