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Dec 16, 2018

The Special S&M Bond of the Critique Partner Relationship

So you’ve found a critique partner—Yay!

Get ready for an experience in love and punishment that would get even Christian Grey right in his dangling participles.

You’re about to get all the feedback, critical commentary, and objective dissection of your carefully outlined, precariously constructed plot arcs you ever wanted. And more!

Wait—you didn’t think your critique partner (CP) was just going to read your story then tell you how much they loved it, did you?

Of course not, you say. But really—you were secretly hoping that would be the case. It’s okay. We all do.

Dec 11, 2018

Where To Find Critique Partners

Whether you are an experienced writer or just starting your writing journey, there is nothing like the support and encouragement that a critique partner can provide—from a simple “this phrase is gold!” to the “this sentence might be a cliché.” Most importantly, a good critique partner gives invaluable, constructive feedback on your work. Simply put, the right critique partner helps improve your writing.

So, how do you find critique partners? 
At a high level, here are a few places you can look:
 -      Local Writers Chapters
-    Online Writers Communities
-    Critique Group Meetups
-    Social Media