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Oct 12, 2022

Introducing Positivity Reviews!

We are excited to introduce the Positivity Review service by our Pro-Critiquers! 

What is a positivity review?

Unlike a critique, which tends to average 90% criticism and 10% praise, a Positivity Review by a Pro-Critiquer is the opposite: it is 90% focused on what the author does well and only 10% focused on constructive criticism.

Why would an author need a Positivity Review? 

Authors are often told what they can improve, but are infrequently told what they do best. Whether an author is good at setting, characterization, pacing, prose, etc., it is important for them to be aware of their strengths and to lean into them! After all, it is what they excel at that will lure and keep readers hooked into their books.

Is it just paying for false praise?

No! No matter their level of writing experience, authors are likely to be stronger in some writing aspects than others. It is important for them to identify their strengths throughout all stages of their writing careers.

How do I book a Positivity Review?

The following Pro-Critiquers now offer Positivity Reviews! You can book them directly under Hire Professionals/ Search Pro-Critiquers, and by selecting the "beta-reading" service type for a Positivity Review. Just be sure to mention in your order, or through messages to Pros, that you are looking for a Positivity Review!

Message the Pros directly to reserve your spot today!

Pro-Critiquers Offering Positivity Reviews:

Jackie H.

Victoria B.

Katharine B.