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FictionFive Contest - Judging Score Sheet
Score each of the below five sections from 1-5.
Add constructive comments/ feedback in each section. Remember to balance positive and constructive feedback. Your feedback will be shared anonymously with the author.

Scoring Guide
5 = Flawless/ Ready for publication
4 = Very Good
3 = Good
2 = Fair
1 = Doesn't work/ Needs major revisions
- Section #1: Characterization (E.g. are the main characters likable or relatable? Are the main characters’ goals and motivations clear and consistent? Are characters multi-dimensional?)
Characterization - Score_____
Characterization - Feedback_____
- Section #2: Pacing (E.g. does the scene progress smoothly or were there areas dragging? Are there lengthy info dumps? Did you figure out the main conflict that will drive the book? Is the plot original or overused in fiction?)
Pacing - Score_____
Pacing - Feedback_____
- Section #3: World/Setting (E.g. did you understand the date and time of the story? Is the world building believable? Is the world vividly described using all senses?)
World/Setting - Score_____
World/Setting - Feedback_____
- Section #4: Dialogue (E.g. is the dialogue believable and not “info-dumpy”? Each character has a distinct voice? Is there too much/too little dialogue?)
Dialogue - Score_____
Dialogue - Feedback_____
- Section #5: Craft (E.g. did grammar/ punctuation detract from the story? Is there telling vs. showing? Any POV slips? Is the story overall easy to read? Is the author’s voice unique and/or intriguing?)
Craft - Score_____
Craft - Feedback_____


TOTAL - SCORE: _____