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FictionFive Contest - Judging Score Sheet
Score each of the below five sections from 1-5. Add constructive comments/ feedback in each section.
Watch a video tutorial with instructions on how to use the Judging Score Sheet. Remember to balance your constructive feedback with positive comments. Here's a video with tips on how to avoid giving a harsh critique.

Scoring Guide
5 = Flawless/ Ready for publication
4 = Very Good
3 = Good
2 = Fair
1 = Doesn't work/ Needs major revisions
- Section #1: Characterization (E.g. are the main characters likable or relatable? Are the main characters’ goals and motivations clear and consistent? Are characters multi-dimensional?)
Characterization - Score_____
Characterization - Feedback_____
- Section #2: Pacing (E.g. does the scene progress smoothly or are there areas dragging? Are there lengthy info dumps?)
Pacing - Score_____
Pacing - Feedback_____
- Section #3: World/Setting (E.g. did you understand the date and time of the story? Is the world building believable? Is the world vividly described using all senses?)
World/Setting - Score_____
World/Setting - Feedback_____
- Section #4: Dialogue (E.g. is the dialogue believable and not “info-dumpy”? Does each character have a distinct voice? Is there too much/too little dialogue?)
Dialogue - Score_____
Dialogue - Feedback_____
- Section #5: Craft (E.g. did grammar/ punctuation detract from the story? Is there telling vs. showing? Any POV slips? Is the story overall easy to read? Is the author’s voice unique and/or intriguing?)
Craft - Score_____
Craft - Feedback_____


TOTAL (Aggregate) SCORE (Sum of 5 scores above): _____