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May 3, 2021

Book Reviewer Spotlight Series: Heather Youse

A very warm welcome to Book Reviewer Heather Youse! Heather lives in PA with her hubby of 20 years, her 2 loveable daughters and her 2 four-legged kids. She likes Sunday afternoons lounging in her comfy clothes while enjoying a great book or taking a hike at the local state park. She started the blog NightlyReading in 2011 and although the blog has changed its look over the years, her taste in books has stayed the same. She is always looking for her next favorite read!

CritiqueMatch: Share a fun fact about you.
Heather: I was able to do a video interview with Jennifer L Armentrout for the blog many years ago. It actually has been a major highlight in my blogging career. She was so sweet & nice and really took the time to answer all of my questions. We also spent time afterwards chatting about many different books. This was one of the best author interactions.

: Sounds like a great experience! How did you become a book reviewer? Can you offer tips to those looking to become established as book reviewers?
Heather: In the beginning, I had zero idea that this group of wonderful people even existed! I had read Twilight and became obsessed with YA! I had come across Goodreads and started to meet different people and followed some blogs when I decided that yes! I could do this! The rest is history ☺. My advice is to just go for it! If you have a love of reading, the blog/book world is so very helpful and accepting, and there are so many resources that give advice to help you get started. It is a little overwhelming in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, nothing will stop you from growing.

CM: What websites/platforms do you use to showcase your reviews? 
Heather: I use my blog as my main platform, but I also use Goodreads, Tumblr, Twitter and Bloglovin. I also will post reviews to Amazon upon request.

CM: Who are some of the rising stars in Young Adult that we should keep an eye on?
Heather: Jennifer L Armentrout will always be my favorite, and I will always mention her work to everyone I come into contact with. If you have not read any of her books yet and you like YA, you are missing out. The other author that I have recently taken a liking to is Hannah McBride. She has written an awesome YA shifter series that I am quickly becoming obsessed with! It is YA/New Adult. Also, Tracy Wolff’s Crave series has caused me a few sleepless nights ☺.

CM: What is a common myth about book reviewers? 
Heather: That we receive all of our books for free. To be honest, we do receive free copies from authors and publishers for review but…. I do purchase A LOT of books on my own. Advanced Reading Copies are few and far between and we are not guaranteed to receive every single one that we request. Once you are hooked on a storyline, you have to finish it out; therefore we do purchase many, many books! We also love to have those pretty hardcovers to look at on our many bookshelves.

CM: Do you regularly use ARCs? Can you share resources for readers who are interested in receiving more ARCs?
Heather: I do use ARCs for a lot of my reviews. Hard copies are really hard to come by since they are so expensive to produce. Most of my ARCs are ebook format which I obtain from Netgalley & Edelweiss. I also use a platform called Booksirens for self-published authors.

CM: Thank you for sharing those resources! What is the best way for authors/publishers to approach you to read a book? 
Heather: The best way is to email me. I do not accept every book that is offered. Some I can tell just by the blurb if I will enjoy it or not. I will not accept a book that I will end up giving a low rating if I know upfront that it is not within my preferred genre.

CM: Are you part of a book club or do you recommend one? 
Heather: I am! I actually am a moderator for a book club on Goodreads. The YA Addicted book club. We have monthly reads, discussion groups about all things books, TV and movies and just general chatter about life. Anyone can join in and the group can be found at the following link:


Reading List

Genres/sub-genres you’re looking for:
  • YA Paranormal Romance
  • Thrillers
  • Some Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance
What you’re not interested in:
  • Historical Fiction
  • Non-Fiction

Do you accept unsolicited review requests? Yes 

How can authors/publishers contact you?