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Nov 25, 2018

How To Sync Scrivener Across Your iOS Devices

Picture ityou’re facing a long train commute, waiting in a doctor’s office, or stuck at the airport. Perfect time to write, right? But you don't have your laptop.
Can you even carry your laptop everywhere? You don’t have to!

Scrivener offers a seamless option to sync all your iOS devices automatically through Dropbox. To take advantage of this feature, we’ve created an easy guide with tips and tricks on how to set up your devices. Get ready to put all those idle minutes to use! 

What you’ll need: 
-      A Scrivener desktop license
-      A one-time purchase of Scrivener’s iOS app
-      A Dropbox account (Free basic plan up to 2GB of data)
-      Install the Dropbox desktop app on your Mac (or desktop) from
-      Create a backup copy of your manuscript file as a precaution.

10 Easy Steps to Sync your manuscript in Scrivener to all your iOS devices

  1. Locate where your manuscript is saved in your Mac: Open your file in Scrivener, and click File, Save As.

  1. Note the directory where you can locate your file is shown below. Hit “Cancel” to exit (not “Save”). Then, close your file in Scrivener—this is important! 

  1. Open two Finder windows:
    1. One with the folder where you saved your file (identified in step #2).
    2. One with the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener directory
            Move your file from A to B

  1. Open the Scrivener app in your iOS device and click on the Sync icon.

  1. Select the Link Dropbox option.  

  1. Sign in with your Dropbox credentials.

  1. Select the default Dropbox folder

  1. Hit the sync button again. Your file should appear under the Dropbox option. 

  1. If you are having syncing problems, make sure that what’s in the Dropbox/apps/scrivener file in your computer is a .scriv file. If it isn’t, then you most likely created a text clipping file accidentally when you moved your .scriv file in that directory in step #3 while the file was still open. In that case, repeat steps 1-3 above, after you have closed Scrivener.  

  1. You are ready to access and work on your manuscript on the go! Just remember to sync and close the app from each device before opening it from another device and syncing again. Sync, Close, Open, Sync. Repeat. 

Happy Writing!