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Dec 11, 2018

Where To Find Critique Partners

Whether you are an experienced writer or just starting your writing journey, there is nothing like the support and encouragement that a critique partner can provide—from a simple “this phrase is gold!” to the “this sentence might be a cliché.” Most importantly, a good critique partner gives invaluable, constructive feedback on your work. Simply put, the right critique partner helps improve your writing.

So, how do you find critique partners? 
At a high level, here are a few places you can look:
 -      Local Writers Chapters
-    Online Writers Communities
-    Critique Group Meetups
-    Social Media 

1)  Local Writers Chapters.
Writing Fantasy, Thrillers or Romance? There are writers associations for most genres, both at a national level, as well as local sub-chapters. If you live in Chicago for example, you can find the Chicago-North and Windy-City sub-chapters of Romance Writers of America.

Many of the local chapters have critique groups in place that help members connect and exchange feedback on their work. Inquire about their meeting time and place, and join the fun!

Besides formal critique groups, networking with other local writers could help you land a critique partner. When you hit it off with a similarly minded writer, just remember to ask the question: would you be up for exchanging a chapter with me? 

2)  Online Writers Communities
-      Living in a remote location? 
-      Does socializing and talking about your manuscript in front of other writers make your palms sweat? 
-      Or, do you simply prefer to skip those regular, in-person meetings and work remotely?
In those cases, an online critique partner might be the right fit for you.

So where do you find a trustworthy critique partner online? 
Wattpad is a popular platform where authors openly share their work, and any user can view it and comment on it.

UnlikeWattpad, is a new platform that helps writers connect and exchange critiques privately. Also, it’s free.

CritiqueMatch offers not only a directory of writers with different searchable characteristics, such as genre, sub-genre, location, but also allows for a search based on a user’s ratings. In short, you can find a highly rated critique partner in your sub-genre.

If you worry about sharing your manuscript openly, on CritiqueMatch only your critique partner can see it. Additionally, after they critique your work, your manuscript is no longer available to them. Finally, you can access people from all over the world! 

1)  Critique Groups via Meetups
Browse the Meetups listings for critique groups in your area. Besides formal writers associations, many long-established critique groups meet regularly.  These are often free or require a token amount for participation. 
Search by genre or location and see if the in-person meetings work with your schedule.

2)  Social Media 
Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, there are various ways to connect with other writers. 
-      Search the Facebook group directory by ‘genre + writers’ for groups in your genre. 
-      Use the #amwriting hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to post about what you are writing, interact with other writers, and ask for critique partners.