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Sep 13, 2019

Author Interview Series: Daria White

This week we have the pleasure to speak with Daria White, a prolific writer of novels, novellas, short stories, poems and the author of the prominent “Writer in the making” podcast. She shares insights on her creative process and latest projects.

CritiqueMatch: Besides creating a helpful podcast, you write novels, novellas, short stories, and even poems! Can you tell us more about your creative process? When do you decide whether a story is well suited as a novella vs. a short story?

Daria White: I think every writer has instincts when it comes to a story. We may not always get it right in terms of what works best as a short story or novel, but for me, I look at time. If it requires an outline, I know it's going to be longer than a short story. I don't need to plan short stories. I can write one in an hour or less. Novels/novellas take a month to four months for me, so I believe the time is a key factor. Once that's established, I do what's necessary. For a novel, I write out an outline, pinpointing my pivotal scenes (hook, inciting incident, etc.). My last outline was fourteen pages and roughly took four months to write.  

CritiqueMatch: You book “Wish for Love” is going to be published tomorrow. Can you tell us what’s that about without giving too much away?

Daria White: Wish for Love releases September 14th and I'm excited! It's available at all major retailers, so readers can pre-order today. The trope is friends to lovers, so fans of that I believe will enjoy this story. Leah Morris is taking a break from dating just as her old friend, Cole Parsons, returns to their hometown. What was once a cherished friendship is turning into something more so she has to decide if it's a risk worth taking. 

CritiqueMatch: In your bio, you tell us how writing was your “safe heaven” when you were a teenager, and you never thought you would publish because “…that meant that people would read my work”! Things changed when your dad “pushed” you to pursue writing as a career. We have a lot of young aspiring writers in the platform, and I’m sure some would relate to your story. What advice would you give your teenage self and to our younger writers who want to write as a living?

Daria White: I would tell my teenage self, "It worked!" I had no idea what I was getting into, but I was willing to try. I win in my career by trying even though ‘best selling author’ is not in front of my name. The fact that I wrote and published it is an accomplishment! To young writers, you won't know until you try. I can live with failing since it means I did something. I can't live with "I didn't even try." All the best sellers started somewhere, so it gives me hope. 

CritiqueMatch: Writing can be a lonely journey. How important have the various writing communities been for you, not only for having critique partners but also for moral support?

Daria White: It's one of the best feelings to have a community that gets you. They understand the journey and the craft of writing. At first, I didn't share, and I didn't get involved in the writing community until this past February. I'm in two writers groups on Instagram alone, not to mention the connections I've made with the community on Twitter. The support is there along with the feedback when I need it. I'm also able to support them in return. It's a win-win! 

CritiqueMatch: Let’s switch gear to another project you are working on: your podcast!  You have already passed the 100th episodes mark! Congratulations! How did you get the idea of a podcast for writers? 

Daria White: The podcast was not part of the plan, but I figured as a new writer, there had to be others in the same boat as me. I wanted to share my journey with them, not knowing some were taking my advice when I gave tips on writing, editing, revising, marketing, or anything else I shared. I even do a poll on Twitter where I have writers vote on a topic. I call them "Pep Talks." Whichever one wins, I encourage them on that topic. It, in turn, encourages me too.

CritiqueMatch: Tell us more about the behind-the-scenes work to create a podcast episode.

Daria White: I work with Anchor, so all the major technical stuff is already done for me. I simply record on my phone and add background music. I'll even use songs through Spotify if I have a song in mind that fits a scene I wrote, or it's a favorite from my playlist. I wish I could say I'm a serious podcaster with the headphones and microphone, but Anchor keeps it simple for me so I can focus on writing.  

CritiqueMatch: What other project are you currently working on? 

Daria White: I'm in revising mode for my latest novel, Christmas Therapy! I'm getting better at critiquing my work, so I'm combing through my manuscript to see what works and what doesn't. Not sure of the release date, but it won't be long. I'll be getting with my cover designer soon, which is my favorite part since I love books covers! Then I'll be sharing the book with my critique partner and beta readers. 


Daria started writing as a teenager. Since she loves romance novels, she figured why not write them too? She graduated with a degree in health care management, so writing was not in the cards for her. It’s rare that you won’t catch her reading. Aside from that, she loves Turner Classic Movies, Hallmark/Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, painting, Pilates, the piano, and chocolate. 
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