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Feb 10, 2021

Pro-Critiquer Interview Series with Kayla M.

A warm welcome to Pro-Critiquer Kayla M!

CritiqueMatch: Why did you want to pursue freelance editing?
Kayla: I started out with editing “critique” partners’ manuscripts on CritiqueMatch and found it to be very rewarding. I love reading, so being able to help authors develop their manuscripts with everything from world-building to plot and character arcs just feels right. I also discovered that I am very good at it. I pride myself on picking up on little details that others miss, and I make my suggestions in a caring and understanding way so that clients feel that I’ve truly connected with their story and its characters.  

CM: What is the best way clients can approach you on CritiqueMatch?
Kayla: I always prefer that my clients communicate with me before sending any work to me. I think it’s important for me to understand what the client wants out of their editing services with me. Equally important, I want to make sure that I’ve efficiently communicated what a client can expect from me. So, a little blurb about your work and what kind of feedback you want (general feedback, length of work, expected turnaround time, specific questions regarding a character or element in your story, etc.) are always helpful. Once we establish all the details, I get to work on your manuscript as soon as you’ve sent it my way. 😊

CM: Describe your critiquing/ editing style. How do you differ from other editors?
Kayla: I’m the type of editor that falls in love with the characters of a story. So much so that I put myself in their situations, learn everything about them, and understand the world around them. That way, I can tell you when a character is acting out of place or might need more emotions/thoughts for a particular event. Similarly, I enjoy inserting myself into the world; that way I’m seeing/feeling/hearing everything along with your characters. This way, if a scene is falling flat, I can help the writer by suggesting adding imagery or things I believe their character might do to add quality to the plot.

Furthermore, I’m entirely honest with the feedback I provide. I have no problem pointing out things that aren’t working, but I always say it in a constructive manner while also adding plenty of praise in areas of the manuscript that I love. I’m a no-nonsense editor, and I tell it like it is, but in a way that helps the author grow and understand techniques that will elevate their writing to the next level.

Lastly, I add tips and tricks that are catered specifically to the author. What I mean by this is I pick up on errors the author commonly makes, and I add a little blurb with a way to help them understand why they might be making those mistakes as well as how to fix them. I don’t just provide you with a way to fix it, but I also add an explanation as to how/why you should fix it. 

CM: How has your critiquing availability changed during the pandemic? 
Kayla: I’ve found that my schedule is more sporadic and changes from week to week. So, it’s always a good idea to check with me on my availability, especially for projects with a large word count. That being said, I pride myself on quick turnaround times because, luckily, I do find myself with more time for editing services.

CM: Share a fun fact about you.
Kayla: I’m an archaeologist by day, a Pro-Critiquer by night, and an artist on the weekends. 

CM: Describe the typical profile of your clients.
Kayla: I’m not sure I have a typical client… What I’ve enjoyed most about working with clients on this platform is that I’ve helped authors who write all genres, at all stages, and who have been beginners or are self-published. It’s been a real treat working with each and every one of them! 

Genre Specialization

Genres/sub-genres you provide critiques for:
  • I’m open to all genres. 😊
What you’re not interested in:
  • I’m open to all genres, but please discuss with me first if your story has lots of violence, rape, or anything else you feel I should be aware of beforehand. 

Client Testimonials

“The most thorough critique I've ever received. She clearly spent a lot of time reading my work, and getting her head around it. I received in-line comments, corrections, and suggestions for improvements in every area. I was blown away (And I clearly have a lot of work to do! - she is exactly the beta-reader you need. If you think your story is ready for publication, it probably isn't). Seriously, I recommend Kayla to any aspiring authors to help you with your work.” Client D.M.

“Kayla did an amazing job with a short story I sent her. The in-line comments were marvellous. She picked up on heaps of things that can tighten my story, and pointed out the things she liked. I asked for a quick turnaround, but I was not expecting her to be that fast yet very thorough. I will be working with her again.” Client S.A.


Hello All! I am a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Anthropology. I have a deep love for writing, archaeology, history, travel, and art. 

I got into editing because I know showing your work to others can feel daunting. I’ve been there before, and I know that as authors we hope our editor will put as much time, effort, and care into our manuscript as we have. I assure you that your manuscript is in safe hands with me, and that I do everything I can to deliver feedback that is thoughtful, thorough, and goes above and beyond expectations. 
I enjoy working with manuscripts at all levels of the drafting process and I promise to treat your manuscript with the respect and care that it deserves while also providing constructive feedback if something isn't working.

My favorite way to help fellow writers is to provide them with high-level feedback. I provide authors with the best possible suggestions on plot, characterization (are they complex, flawed, and engaging?), tone, setting, world-building, pacing, tension, dialogue, structure, chapter-length (beginning and ending points) continuity, rhythm, emotion, and target audience. 

As for beta reading, I will become your target audience book nerd. Do you have an opening that hooks the reader? Is the reader compelled to keep turning pages? Are there any portions of the story that drag, or feel rushed? Did I connect with your story and its characters? All these questions and others (including any that you want to have answered) will be meticulously considered while reading; I will take my editing hat off so you feel confident that I'm reviewing your work purely from a reader's perspective.

I tend to gravitate toward fantasy and historical fiction, but I'm up for anything (including novellas, poems, and non-fiction works). If you're not sure your style or genre fits, send me a message and we'll talk it out.

I look forward to being a helping hand in your journey to publication.